nbn™ Internet Plans


The nbn deployment - April 2020

  10.9 million homes and businesses
nbn™ Ready to Connect
  2,000+ wireless
towers in operation
  6.7 million
connected homes and businesses
  92% Installed on time   

The nbn™ has changed how Australia accesses the internet by simplifying and standardising the various technologies and pricing. As a leading nbn™ reseller for Regional, Rural and Remote Australia, ANT Telecommunications is proud to offer the broadest assortment of nbn™ products priced competitively and backed by our excellent, all-Australian support

Below, you will find helpful information explaining the differences between the various nbn™ technologies, as they may not all be available in your area. You can browse our plans or enter your address, and we will find the best plans available in your area. And as always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call our friendly, Australian-based support line at 1300 268 266. 


Max Speed: 25 Mb/s download speed

Data: Plans start at 5GB/month

Set-up: requires an outdoor dish 

Notes: If there's nothing else available, you should be able to get a satellite. 

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Fixed Wireless

Max Speed: 50 Mb/s download speed

Data: 500Mb or unlimited

Set-up: requires an antenna with a line of vision to the tower. 

Notes: Performance will depend significantly on our location and can be affected by rain, heat and other environmental factors.

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Fixed Line

Max Speed: 100Mb/s download speed or up to 1GB for FTTP

Data: Unlimited

Set-up: Usually none or very minimal, requires a modem/router in your home

Notes: Most reliable and offers the greatest performance. An address check will verify the maximum speeds you expect to achieve depending on whether you get FTTP, FTTN, FTTB FTTC or HFC. 

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