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Water Monitoring

ANT V-SAT systems have been deployed to monitor, both live and statistical, qualitative and quantitative data from remote sites where other forms of telecommunications are either not available, excessively expensive or unreliable.

Our services have successfully been deployed utilizing data logging devices from Campbell Scientific and Monitor Sensors. We are happy to work with you and your vendors devices to find the right solutions to your communication needs.


Rural Station Monitoring

On rural properties, vital infrastructure, such dams and other water sources are often miles away. The health of the herd depends on the health and guaranteed access to these sites. With ANT's remote monitoring and management systems, the status, quality and accessibility of your remote sites can be monitored. You can monitor the quality of the water in the dam, its level and purity, whether the access gate to the dam is open. If the gate closes, you can, by Remote Activation, open it again.

If the windmill stops pumping, you will know about it. If the irrigation sluice needs opening, then command it open by Remote Activation.

This can all occur by Satellite from the comfort of your homestead or interstate office. You will not be at the mercy of easily dug up cables or slow to react telecommunication companies. You can access the quality and quantity of your resources from anywhere on the planet.