Telemetry Satellite - Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get coverage everywhere?

Yes, you will have coverage across all of Australia. See our:  Coverage Map


Do we need a technician to install the Equipment?

ANT has developed a V-Sat satellite system that can be either portable or fixed. ANT has developed this system to be deployed by our customers. A training DVD is supplied with the kit. If required, further training can be arranged by ANT at your preferred location. Or, if requested we can arrange for a service technician to do the installation.


Will I get drop outs?

ANT has chosen to utilise Geostationary Satellites for their telemetry networks.

Unlike “Low Earth Orbiting” satellites, once a line of sight path to the Satellite has been established, it becomes a permanent, fixed path that does not need to be re-established for each data session. There is no Satellite handover process to go awry, and unlike traditional phone based systems, there is no underground cables to be cut or damaged, and the remoteness of the collection point is no longer an issue.


What is the power consumption?

The system is powered from 240 volts (modified sine wave inverter is OK) and a surge protector must be used. The modem and wireless router draw less than 60W combined. Some data loggers can be programmed to turn the modem on and off just long enough to send and receive data at regular intervals thereby preserving battery power if you are working off the grid.


Need More Information

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