Portable Satellite - Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get coverage everywhere?

Yes, you will have coverage across all of Australia. See our:  Coverage Map


Where do 95% of the population live?

In about 30% of the land mass. The other 70% of the country (the uncrowded parts) is covered by the ANT system as well.


How difficult is it to setup and align the Satellite Dish?

It really is quite simple. Unlike much of the low cost, low quality equipment currently in use for portable Satellite television, our equipment has been designed from the ground up with the traveller in mind. A digital gauge showing the exact dish angle and the ability to easily make very fine adjustments makes the whole procedure fast and simple.


I don’t travel all year round in my caravan or motorhome, can I use my ANT Satellite Internet system at home?

Yes – Both roof and ground mounts are available for your satellite dish. When you’re not travelling, simply mount your dish on your Home Mount, (or use your portable tripod mount) follow the same alignment procedure and use the same reliable, low cost internet service that you’ve been using on the road. No need for other internet services, saving you money for more exciting things when you are on the road.


What happens if I exceed my monthly data allowance?

You will never be asked to pay excess data charges. After you have exceeded your allowance for a month, our system may reduce your data speed for the remainder of that month. Your speed will automatically return to normal at the beginning of the next month.


I am going on an overseas holiday for 3 months, can I put my Internet service on hold for that time?

You can put your account on hold after written advice from you. We will de-activate your service and all charges will stop until we receive written advice you wish it to be re-activated. Your email will still be available via Webmail.


How do I know where to point the dish to find the satellite?

ANT provides you with software to load onto your computer. You just enter in the town you are in, or near, or you can enter in the Longitude and Latitude and it will give you the compass point to aim at and the elevation the dish needs to be as well as the skew of the ODU.


I already have a TV satellite dish and LNB, can I use this and save some money?

Unfortunately TV satellite dishes are not made to the specifications to meet the noise reduction requirements for two way satellite. You can however use the ANT dish for TV. So it means you will only have to carry one dish. The LNB for satellite TV is receive only. You need an ODU that transmits as well as receives for internet access.


How does the ANT phone work?

When you make a VoIP call the Voice Box converts your voice into data and sends it via the internet. ANT provides separate, unshared bandwidth for your phone call to ensure that the quality of your call is at its best. We recommend a download speed of 512K for our Phone service. You can read more here.


Can I use the ANT dish to get Satellite TV?

Yes, you can as long as you have a Satellite VAST TV Decoder Set Top Box and VAST Card.


I already have a Set Top Box, can I use this?

Yes you can. all you have to do is change the (LO) LNB frequency setting in your set top box to the same as frequency as the ANT LNB.


How much space does the unit take up?

The electronics is carried in an aluminium briefcase. 90cM dish (actual size of reflective dish is 94cM / 106cM) and may fit on or under your bed whilst travelling. The other units are typically stowed wherever they fit.


When I’m camping I don’t have 240v power, how will it run?

The system will run from 24V DC or through a pure sine wave inverter from either 12v or 24v vehicle batteries. The satellite modem, consumes under 40Watts of power.


Can I get TV off the same satellite?

The Internet Satellite is Optus D1. You can get ABC and SBS on Optus D1. If you want free to air TV the majority of stations are on Optus C1. So it is simply a matter of realigning the dish onto Optus C1 for the TV. The Satellites are four degrees apart on the equator.


Once I place my order how long will delivery take?

Once your order has been received it takes approximately 20 days.


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