Sky Muster™ Plus Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of content count as un-metered content ?
    • All content is unmetered except video streaming and VPN traffic which only count towards your monnthly data allowance between 4pm and 12am. Special traffic categories such as email, social posts (excluding video) and certain updates such as operating systems are classified as un-metered.
      Certain application data may be shaped in the evening. nbn co may shape peer-to-peer, operating system/software/gaming updates, cloud or other application data to 256 kbps between 4pm and 12am. Fair-use restrictions apply.
  • What counts towards my metered content?
    • Your metered data allowance includes the amount you upload and download. You may be able to reduce your metered data usage by turning off video and audio auto-play settings across social media and websites with embedded streaming content.
  • What happens when all my metered content (peak and off-peak) is used?
    • You can still use your internet connection at full speed, but only un-metered content will be available. nbn™ isn’t currently making top-ups available on Sky Muster Plus plans so metered content will only be available in the next plan month.


  • What are the fair-use restrictions for un-metered content?
    • nbn™'s policy forbids routine emails over 20 MB in size, operating system updates for more than 20 devices each calendar month and excessive, automated scraping of websites.


  • How can I check my speed?
    • Sky Muster™ Plus plans are based on 25/5 Mbps but also allow "burst" which may allow users to get faster performance at certain times (at no additional costs). nbn™ has created a specific speed test page to check your service here.


  • What can affect my speed?
    • Several factors can affect the speed of your satellite connection including: 
    • Environmental: overgrown vegetation, new buildings, sun fade, rain fade and severe weather. You may be able to reduce these impacts by keeping vegetation professionally trimmed if it could potentially obstruct the Sky Muster signal.
    • Hardware: the inherent performance of your computer and other network equipment such as your modem, router or access point; and the length and quality of your cabling. You may be able to reduce these impacts by using modern equipment.
    • Software: the configuration of your operating system, network stack, online application and network equipment, such as your modem, router
      or access point. You may be able to reduce these impacts by updating and reconfiguring your software.
    • Electromagnetic interference: noise from other Wi-Fi networks, faulty power supplies or other faulty equipment may interfere with your own
      Wi-Fi network or nbn Sky Muster signal. You may be able to reduce these impacts by identifying and managing noisy equipment.
    • Overutilisation: too many active devices sharing your service can result in your devices being starved of enough bandwidth to operate
      correctly. You may be able to reduce these impacts by reducing the number of active devices.


  • Can I migrate from Sky Muster™ to Sky Muster™ Plus?
    • Sky Muster™ Plus services use the same hardware but are measured on a calendar month basis and are supplied on different terms. It's easy to switch, but please speak to our representative for specifics that may affect your existing plan.


  • What if I don't want to commit to a 12-month agreement?
    • We designed our Sky Muster™ Plus plans to give you the best value possible and the LOWEST monthly cost, but to take advantage of this fantastic pricing; we do have to ask you to commit to partnering with us for 12 months. If you prefer to have no commitments, add $20 to the monthly costs above - still a great deal and no strings attached!


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