business nbn™ Satellite

business nbn™ Satellite Services Virtual ISP (VISP)

Field Solutions Holdings Limited (ASX: FSG) is Australia’s leading rural, regional and remote telecommunications carrier delivering carrier grade communications connectivity and business solutions to regional and remote areas of Australia. We have enhanced this capability with the introduction of business nbn™ Satellite Services Virtual ISP (VISP). We help Australian businesses outside of traditional network footprint experience business grade network internet services via the business nbn™ Satellite Service.

Virtual ISP (VISP) is designed for business customers who require internet access outside of their core business systems. This may include large mining operations running ‘crew welfare’ applications, or regional businesses with critical cloud-based business applications (e.g. Office 365).

Standard monthly data quotas offer up to 1,000GB/mth with no speed limiting if a data quota is exceeded. If standard quotas are exceeded, additional data quotas will be added and chargeable in 100GB increments.

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